Lynne Acland | Docking Real Estate

Lynne Acland

Senior Property Manager

Tel: (03) 8877 7022
Email: [email protected]

As a company, M J Docking prides itself on being able to identify talented individuals. In the case of Lynne Acland, her magnetic personality & excellent interpersonal skills means her suitability as Property Manager wasn't a difficult task. Her aptitude and maturity were impossible to ignore.

Lynne’s approach to her job is marked by a commitment to helping people find houses which they can turn into homes. Her approachability and natural talent will make you confident you're in the most professional hands. Lynne devotes her time to ensuring every one of landlords is satisfied with their service, whilst ensuring that tenants are treated with respect. Being a home owner and having three investment properties herself Lynne is well aware of the importance of quality service.

She is dependable, thorough and professional in her approach and is always willing to go that extra mile whenever it is necessary – exactly what is needed to oversee your investment portfolio.